Frequently Asked Questions

The gabions are structures made of galvanized iron mesh or stainless steel that are filled with different kinds of materials. It is a very efficient solution for an environment where we need a large capacity to absorb noise, high capacity or high vertical drainage, since the gabion gravity acts on its own.

Options available are endless and we only use the imagination. Inside the gabions be combined together with stones, countless materials (wood, brick, color scheme of the same material, plants …) thus creating great diversity of spaces with a total integration with the rest of the environment.

We only work with high quality materials that we provide maximum security and corrosion resistance, so only work with meshes galvanized iron or stainless steel welded from top European manufacturers.

Gabion walls are gravity walls that can be divided into two groups:
Independent gabions: gender is closed gabion used independently with triple torsion mesh gabions or transportable welded mesh made from working only by gravity.
Gabion monolithic structure: gabions are mounted in situ creating an internal structure of both vertical and horizontal diaphragms with a front and rear walls unitarily working getting the wall functions as a monolithic structure.
As the needs of each project, I could choose between two kinds of wall, taking into account the differences between them: resistance, finishes, price …